General Security Awareness

General Security Awareness
This training is exclusively reserved for companies.
Attending General Security Awareness Training is mandatory to get/renew an Airport Identification Card (AIC) or a Crew Identification card in all airports in the UK.

  • Threats to aviation, regulating aviation security

  • World-wide overview of aviation security

  • Relevant National and EU legislation and programmes

  • Managing Access Control - people & vehicles

  • Passenger,staff, baggage, cargo, mail and catering security screening

  • Airport and in-flight security measures - response to threats

  • Prohibited Articles – Passengers/Staff – including security of Prohibited Articles in the Security Restricted Areas

  • Airport Identification Cards – types – requirements for display – loss of AICs

  • Managing People in Security restricted areas

  • Radicalisation and Insider Threat

The main objective is to ensure staff understand the need for aviation security, are aware of the security measures in place at the airport and/or the facility where they will be working, to recognise the security needs of an airport and understand the part they can play in contributing to aviation security.
In accordance with EU regulation 2015/1998, the Department for Transport (DfT) requires that no person may receive Aviation Security training unless they are employed in a role which requires airside access and it has been confirmed that a background check has been successfully completed on this person prior to being enrolled.
All air transport industry personnel.
Once the General Security Awareness training is completed, refresher training must be conducted every five years.
The trainee must pass, with a grade of 85% or higher, a multiple choice test to complete General Security Awareness Training. All trainees are given two attempts to pass the test.
The trainee receives his/her certificate as soon as he/she has successfully passed the final test.